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ManusPlus forms the core of data transfer between salary and HRM systems in an organisation. Every organisation works differently. That is why you can choose to keep the details in ManusPlus and export them to a system for Human Resource Management, for example. Or you can choose to register personnel details in a salary system and export them to ManusPlus. dfgsdf

A combination of both methods is also possible. In that case the basic details of an employee can be entered into ManusPlus and then completed and agreed in an external system. Links to ManusPlus prevents double input of the same data in different systems.

ManusPlus provides a means of control for the calculation of salaries. All details can be automatically transferred to the external software that you are using or are going to use. This prevents double input, printing and sending. You save time and decrease the likelihood of errors.

Depending on your package, you can choose for system integration by direct datalinks or by import- and exportfiles. The exact possibilities are given for each external software supplier.

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